Monday, April 26, 2010

CouchSurfing experiment

I heard about couch surfing through a book I read, sleeping around the world, and subsequently met some couch surfers who my mates in Sydney were hosting. If you are still wondering what the hell I am on about let me explain.

Couch surfing connects travellers around the world and, if you so desire, gives you the chance to let them crash on your couch. You can also be hosted when you are travelling which in my opinion is a great way to see the world. For travellers and hosters this is a great way to meet people and share travel and life experiences. There is no obligation and you decide if you want a particular person to stay. There is more to the couch surfing project than hosting or staying on a couch so check out the website, couchsurfing, for more details.

We currently have our first couch surfers staying with us. They are a great couple who are travelling much of Asia. Miguel is Spanish and his girlfriend Asta is from Finland. They left Europe and have spent 3 months navigating their way through Russia, Mongolia, China and now Vietnam. Listening to their stories over a few beers has been really enjoyable. Hopefully I have been able to make their trip in Hanoi fun and interesting as well.

All in all our first couch surfers experience has been a success and we plan to continue having people from around the world come and stay with us. If you are a traveller coming to Hanoi, are laid back and enjoy a laugh you can log onto the website and check out my profile.


  1. Definitively our days in Vietnam were marked in a very positive way by your hospitality and friendship.
    on the other hand I regret to communicate that the camera that was doing these so nice photos in cuttlefish has passed away, as I was afraid from the first day. Let`s see how much is goig to cost me bring it back.
    By the way, this September we ride againg to Asia.

  2. Hi Dan, this is Fly from China. I'm planning a trip in Vietnam this Dec and also want to try couch surfing. I have a friend who can host me in Ho Chi Ming and I plan to travel to other places as well, i want to know if you have other friends who can host me in cities like Ha Noi, Nha Trang,Hui An, Muine, Da lat. Many thanks.

  3. Hi Fly,

    I don't know anyone specifically. I would just jump on the website and see the kind of people in those areas. Have a great trip. I have been to all those places (apart from Nha Trang). You will love it.