Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Confessions on a motobike: Part 5

10 things I have done on a motorbike

1. Rode a motorbike (the obvious starter)
2. Rode with a passenger on a motorbike (harder than just you, especially when passenger is drunk and singing and attempting to dance)
3. Crashed a motorbike (within the first two weeks……)
4. Rode while talking on a mobile (no laws against it here)\
5. Rode on a highway (bit scarier when buses are coming right for you)
6. Rode while carrying the weekly shopping
7. Rode while carrying a bunch of flowers (hanging from the handle bars)
8. Stalled a motorbike….repeatedly (a favourite for Celine who is happy to let anyone nearby know as I frantically try to restart. Thanks Hun)
9. Rode through a storm on a motorbike
10. Paid in two months parking fees which wouldn’t get close to one hour at the Sydney airport (Cheers Sydney airport)

10 things I have to do on a motorbike

1. Ride with three or more people on a motorbike ( I have seen it done often)
2. Ride while smoking (everyone is doing it)
3. Ride while eating (not so many people doing that but I get hungry)
4. Do a proper road trip on the bike (I have only ventured 20km out of Hanoi)
5. Carry a case of beer home solo (a mark of my independence)
6. Act as a xeom (motorbike taxi) for people that need a ride
7. Transport local produce like a real Vietnamese
8. Instigate some road rage (very hard with the Vietnamese)
9. Think about actually getting a license (I just can’t be bothered)
10. Keep exploring (not hard in this city)

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  1. Alice et Noé ont adoré la photo, et ont bien rigolé hier soir en écoutant la traduction du post (enfin... tout ce que j'ai compris... soit 90%)