Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cafe Pho Co

The Lonely Planet has Cafe Pho Co marked as the best kept secret in Hanoi so we thought it warranted a visit. The cafe is hidden at the back of a souvenir store with a cute, secluded setting. When I asked where to park my bike I thought I misunderstood when the lady pointed through the store. After asking a second time I found that indeed I had to park my bike at the back of the store. A bit surprised I drove the bike into the store next to stands of Vietnamese souvenirs and past the shoppers.
Once through the store there was a little lane way and then the cafe opened into a small courtyard. It was quiet and peaceful, a definite contrast to the busy streets outside. After climbing a few stairs you find a small sitting area with various paintings on the wall. Either side of the cafe were residential houses and as we enjoyed a drink we waved and said a few hellos to the locals enjoying their lunch.
It was a pleasant little cafe and a great place to enjoy a coffee but I am not sure if I agree it is the best kept secret in Hanoi. We will continue to explore the cafes of this city and let you know our favourites along the way.

Cafe Pho Co
11 Hang Gai Street

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