Sunday, January 10, 2010

DVD Anyone?

We recently bought a DVD player for $35. How awesome is that! The whole DVD thing was Celine's idea and I must admit I was against it at first. I was afraid we would hang out at home too much, instead of enjoying all the cool things to do in Hanoi. Turns out I was wrong (happens often) and it was a cracking idea.


Well firstly DVD's are so damn cheap here and at about $1-2 a go you can get any kind of film you want. What I love is that as soon as a film hits the cinemas ladies will be selling copies on the side of the street. The copies, from our experience so far, are of great quality and at the moment Avatar is one of the recent films you can find on the streets and and in DVD stores. There are no films like Pulp Fiction 4 or Titanic 2 which I have seen in other countries so you can be quite confident you will get what you think you are getting.

Celine is in series heaven in Hanoi as full box sets are also available. Long running series such as Grays Anatomy and Scrubs can be bought for about $20. That had Celine jumping with joy and you can understand why when these shows that around 10 seasons and at home they would cost in the hundreds.

With our DVD player in hand we bought a bunch of movies and a few box sets. After a day at work and a dinner out somewhere we like come back and put on a film. Its an ideal way to finish off the day and at these prices Celine has every intention of buying the whole store.

Good times!

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