Friday, January 15, 2010

English or Francais ou Viet!

I had my French class this morning and I have found that Elementary 1 is moving at a much faster pace than Beginners. I am going to have to pull my finger out if I want to keep up. I am enjoying it though and it is definitely a challenge. The main problem is that I am pretty rubbish at languages in general, English included, and my life these days seems to be revolved around nothing but languages.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am learning French. On Saturday and when out and about in Hanoi I am speaking Vietnamese and every other day I am teaching English. I am now starting to mix up the languages which is confusing everyone; me included.

I asked Celine a question this morning half in Vietnamese and the rest in French. When I realised what I was saying my reply was in English..........."SHIT!" or was it "MERDE!". I just don't know anymore......Arrrrhhh.

I got a taxi the other night to go and eat some dog on the last day of the lunar calender with a mate. I was chatting away and the poor driver had no idea what I was going on about. I was asking questions in broken Vietnamese, responding in French and changing to English when I knew he was as lost as I was.

Regardless of all the confusion I think I am gradually making progress in all three languages. I came to Hanoi still trying to work out the difference between a verb and an adjective in English and now I not only know the difference but I can name a bunch in all three languages. How awesome is that?

I am lost in the languages at the momentbut it does make for an interesting day.

In no particular order......

Au revoir
Tam Biet


  1. Has soon,à bientôt,laêw cex kan !!!

  2. lol
    Poor Ding
    pauvre Dan
    Dan co cao khong?