Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Penfriend in Vietnam

I received a text message from some random yesterday. I have know idea how she got my number but I appreciate the interest nonetheless. The message was exactly as follows however, I decided not to put the number of her address just in case anyone of our thousands of followers is some weird arse stalker. I definitely don't wish my penfriend any wrong doing;

"Who are you? I am sorry but I........dear you. My name is js thuan. I ljve at %^phuc tan. Hanoj.vjetnam. I want to have penfriend so I am wrjting thjs letter to you. I am jntroducjing to you an dyou wjll do the same when you recejve thjs letter from me. Wjll that be ok? I am 20year old. I am student in unjversjty. I speak Vjetnamese of course because jt js my mother tounge and I can speak a ljttle English. My Engljsh is stjll poor because I started learnjing jt only a year ago. Can you speak Vjetnamese? jf you can? you should speak wjth me by Vjetnamese. What js your name? What is your jog? How old are you? Where do you come from? Where do you ljve at the moment. Please wrjte to me soon. I would ljke to make frjends with you very much. :) :) best wjishes.

If not for anything else this message gets the award for; "longest text I have every received". I feel slightly guilty as all her efforts are in vain. I just don't have time for a penfriend right now. I do feel it is my duty as an ESL teacher to explain the difference between "i" and "j" within English words. Still, not bad if she has only been learning for a year.


  1. Sounds like your having an interesting time Ding. Keep it up. I am signing up for Spanish lessons soon as i have booked a 6 week trip to South America for later in the year. Giddy up! We will be a Multilingual bunch.

  2. you say "her efforts are in vain"

    but Thu an might not be a girl's name...

    I think your fan is a dude.