Monday, January 18, 2010

Marvelous Monday

I am now sitting in an adorable cafe (I know that sounds kind of gay) feeling quite content with this mornings proceedings. It started with a bowl of crab soup at a street food stall not far from my house which was positively delicious. From there I went to my French lesson which went well. I can actually construct full sentences now and apart from a few grammatical errors, in today's exercise, my teacher was happy with what I wrote.

I left my lesson to go and find out the verdict on our computer. On Friday it decided to die on us so I took it to a computer store to see what could be done. This was a comical situation as the staff and I were both challenged in the others language. I called a Vietnamese friend who translated over the phone. The operating system needed to be re-installed but they were unsure if they could copy all our old data. As all our pictures and files for work were on the computer it was paramount that we got the data. The guys at the store worked on it over the weekend but I wasn't ultra confident.

On arrival the new operating system was installed with all my data as well. Awesome! They also installed Microsoft Office and Photoshop. I really wasn't sure the cost by when they said 250,000 VND I was surprised (in a good way!) I was really impressed with their service and for less than $20 who can complain.

I crossed the street to this adorable (yep, I said that again) cafe called Chillout to have a closer look at the computer. Firstly it turned on in about 20 seconds. That is unheard of for this computer which often takes 5 minutes. I was jumping with joy so ordered a coffee and a piece of chocolate cake to celebrate. The menu at this cafe is great and the ambiance is homely and welcoming. There are four floors, some with comfy couches and games, others with chill out areas and a piano to play. At the moment someone is busting out some cool tunes on the piano while I contemplate another piece of cake; I don't usually have a sweet tooth?

All in all it has been a great start to what I am calling marvelous Monday.

Chillout! cafe
89A Ly Nam De

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