Monday, July 26, 2010

Barclays Premier League in Hanoi

With the World Cup over myself and many Vietnamese are looking for our next fix football. Luckily, in just over a few weeks the Barclay's Premier League will get under way and I am looking forward to it. The Vietnamese are avid supporters of football and I often find myself having discussions with them on a range of topics. Kids wear jerseys to school, mainly Manchester United and Chelsea, and can easily run off the players in each of the teams and explain what is happening in the news. It is often a good discussion point in class.

Football is easily accessible on our TV at home and is played in many bars and cafes throughout the city. Once the season starts it will be easy to watch the games here in Hanoi.

I have played the Barclay's Fantasy Football game for the past three years, winning my personal league for the first two years and coming a disappointing second last year. I brag to you only as a challenge to join my league and try and beat me this year.

You can join my league by selecting the below link, registering and creating a team. Once you have a team you can join my league so for all football fans; Get Involved!:
Join my League
Code to join this league: 488014-118565

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