Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hien's text

The other day, as Dan mentions on a post, there were floodings in Hanoi. Rain just poured for a few hours, maybe two, but it was so intense than streets were blocked and water was everywhere.

I'd like to share the text Hien sent me that day, her approximative English is so adorable. (Hien is thwe lady who comes to our house to clean and tidy our constant mess, we love her she saves our life twice a week)

"Hi Mss Celine. How are you? To day it is big raining so my home is floof.
Lot water come in hight my house. Every thing proplem… electric… frize… clothe…
so may I day off today please?"

My favourite is... "my home is floof"

We of course told her yes!


  1. how funny! lol :)

  2. My favourite is every thing proplem. And she only wanted one day off to sort it out :)

  3. No but she only comes on Tuesdays for 3 hours and Fridays for 3 hours, not everyday. Even us can't mess up the house so much, without kids, that we would need help everyday :)