Friday, July 23, 2010

I want....

I was doing a lesson today for a Starters 3 class; which means they are between 6 and 10 years old. They have pretty good English for their level so I am always trying to challenge them with different ideas/vocabulary that is outside the course outline.

Today we were talking about the verb "want" and using as the food vocabulary. I asked the kids to prepare a shopping list of things they would like for their birthday party. Most kids were doing the task quite well but two were concentrating intently. After about 5 minutes they both came running up to me, age 6 and 7, showing me the list for their party.

"We want everything for our party" shouted one.

I was really impressed with their list. About two thirds of the way down I see the words beer and tobacco. I raise an eyebrow and say;

"guys, this is for your birthday party. Not your parents."

"I know" said Cu, of 6 years old and about 1 metre tall. "I want beer".

"You want beer? Really?"

"Yes. I like beer" He said

"When do you drink beer Cu?"

"At lunch and dinner"

"How often" I asked, intrigued.


I was a little shocked and curious. It seemed pretty obvious that they drink a little beer with their father at lunch and dinner - healthy amounts - but it was an interesting discussion and not one I have ever had with a 6 year old.

As it turns out beer was definitely something they wanted on their party list. I wasn't game to ask about the tobacco.

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