Sunday, July 11, 2010

My birthday

On Friday night I had birthday drinks with a group of friends at Le Cooperative; a restaurant/bar owned by the cousin of one of Celine's friends from France. I wasn't working the following day so the party continued on to around 4am. It was a good night but I needed the first part of my birthday on Saturday to recover. Celine ordered in some tasty breakfast, good recovery food, of bacon and egg rolls, coffee and a chocolate donut. Yum!

In the early afternoon we left on the bike to a surprise location. The surprise location was the Daewoo Hotel on Kim Ma street. We were going to spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool before having an amazing all you can eat seafood buffet. I seriously can't think of a better way to spend your birthday; especially in the Heat of Hanoi. The pool was great and really relaxing.

We skipped lunch and saved ourselves for dinner; and oh was it worth it. The food was amazing. The buffet had every kind of food under the sun. I started with a dozen oysters followed by sushi and crumbed fish. Then I had an out of this world lobster which was served with a thin layer of delicious cheese melted over the top. Man, that was good. Celine had two. There were crabs and prawns and countless salads. There were soups and pasta and pizza and curries. We had to rule out most of this because we wanted the seafood. After a few trips of oysters, crab, lobsters and sushi we went outside to the BBQ section where fresh prawns, lobsters, scallops, octupus, fish, beef and chicken were being grilled over hot coals. I don't think there is an adjective to describe how good it was. After our second trip to the BBQ section we were starting to get full. I saved some room for a few more oysters before hitting dessert. We finished with some ice cream and some tasty French cheese. We had stuffed ourselves stupid but were in awe of the experience. It was as much beer as you can drink as well. Awesome!

One might think that a mass of delicacies would cost an arm and a leg but the whole experience cost $32 per person. It was amazing value for money. I recommend it and can't wait to go back again.

We left completely content and I spent the rest of my birthday relaxing at home watching a movie. It was a great day.


  1. Happy belated birthday Ding! I hear you're coming back to Sydney next month. Tom can't wait to have his bestest, whitest friend back!

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