Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleeping Dan

At the moment, Dan teaches at least four classes a day. It might sound easy to non teachers, but 6 hours of teaching, from 8.30 in the morning to 5.30, is actually very full on. You need to add the numerous hours of preparing lessons, marking tests, filling up report cards, meeting with parents etc... It's very trying. As you can see, it's also tiring. Everyday, Dan falls asleep sometimes between 8.45 and 10pm. I don't go to bed before midnight, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Mainly, I spend it taking pictures of him sleeping so soundly and peacefully that nothing seems to bother him. For some reason, it makes me laugh.
Isn't he cute?
Yes, he's wearing a different outfit on every picture, that's because they've really been taken on different days. That last one where he's wearing black and white shorts is actually what I'm looking at right now. I took the picture 10 minutes ago. He hasn't moved yet. lol.


  1. đẹp trai :)

  2. yes so cute and so quiet...........
    kisses for him from me....

  3. Also so cute but what a great idea for a blog entry and what an understanding and patient wife - lucky boy.
    Am trying to work out how best to get in touch with him on his birthday or any time for that matter - any thoughts.


  4. Yes, you should call him Suey, you're 3 hours ahead aren't you? You should call Saturday between 3pm and 2am Australian time. You can even call before 3pm but he's going out Friday night, he might be recovering in the morning. You know him, you raised him! :)