Sunday, July 11, 2010

Best present ever

For those of you who don't know, I recently had a birthday. Yesterday I turned 28. I don't know where all the years are going but I was very happy to spend my birthday in another country experiencing another culture. It does not seem long ago since I was enjoying a steak in my favourite pub in Sydney for my 27th birthday. Time does seems to fly at the moment but we have definitely learnt so many new and interesting things in the 11 months we have been here.

The day before my birthday Celine called me from the front of our house, saying our bike had fallen over and she couldn't lift it back up, could I come and help her for a sec? I frantically ran downstairs, a bit confused but otherwise gullible as always to her little schemes. At the front of our house was a bike - yes a bike. Celine, the legend, had bought me a motorbike for my birthday. She didn't just buy me any old boring motorbike, instead opting for a very cool 1960s Honda. The bike has been done up and has a real retro, classic feel about it. Celine put my nickname on the side of the bike as well. It feels really unique riding on the streets and has already got numerous comments. In short - I love it!

Thanks "Leg" for a great birthday present.

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  1. Sorry Dan, I don't remember your birthday..... but my best present is..............
    my daughter........
    the GREAT..........
    THE GREATEST.......CELINE !!!!!!!!!!!
    a full of kisses to you