Sunday, July 4, 2010

Morning Ritual

There have been quite a lot of early mornings for me over the past month. Celine and I have often dropped by Joma, a nearby cafe, to grab breakfast before I went off to work. Celine's favourite is the granola with fruit and yogurt while I love the brekkie bagel. We both get a coffee to go as well. I have learnt how to drink a coffee while riding a motorbike; not the easiest skill to master.
We know a lot of the staff now and they are all very friendly. It is nice to have a chat with them as they are starting their day. Dropping by at 7am in the morning is also good because they are just opening and we don't have to be bothered by the whinging foreigners who use Joma as a place to voice their unfortunate lives.
Joma is quite expensive, for Hanoi standards, but a good coffee and tasty food makes the morning of teaching loud energetic kids that little bit easier.

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