Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ouch again.

And yes, I hurt myself yet again. This time I smashed my foot into a sort of iron brick popping out of a short wall. my foot got stuch between my bike's footrest and the brick. You probably can't see that on the picture, but my foot is twice its normal size (I have skinny feet, at least something in me is skinny).
When my foot met the wall, I saw stars. The pain irradiated all the way up my ankle, it was blinding. I started sweating and feeling sick, I kept thinking "I broke my foot". I was on my way to a nice rice lunch followed by a work session at a nearby cafe, but I turned the bike around direction SOS clinic, a good 15 minutes drive away. That was a weird driving session. I couldn't use my right foot and was still feeling faint from the shock.
In the end, I didn't make it to the clinic: when I got there, there was a sign saying the clinic had moved to... my street. Oh I couldn't be bothered anymore, I went home to ice my foot and sleep off the pain killers. I couldn't move it at all, or wiggle the toes.
Two days later, I can walk on it and move it, but it still looks blue and traumatised.
I'm fine though. Just getting more and more aware of the fragility of a body, such a soft and frail little thing when confronted to hard human made materials such as stone, metals or road cement. (Yeah I know. Stone isn't human made. It still hurts just the same.)
Man, driving is dangerous!
Especially in Vietnam, because ok, I did this on my own, there's no crazy Vietnamese driver to blame... but still, a massive iron thing sticking out of a wall at feet level is weird enough but how can I see it when I'm looking up, concentrating on avoiding all the random electric cables hanging from poles?
Lol. I still love Vietnam.
Ps: I got a pedicure before the accident and not for the cute doctors at SOS clinic to notice. I swear.


  1. Ouch alright.

    That looks seriously painful. Hope it feels better soon. It think I won't try bike riding in Hanoi I manage to get myself into enough trouble just walking around. So far have fallen off a hoist thing in a car park in Sydney (black eye, multiple bruises), slipped on a bathmat and fallen into and across a marble bath (broken rib and bruising on other side of body)and smashed the base of my spine into the edge of the bed - missed mattress when in very grumpy mood - not quite sure what the injury is but it hurts.
    So don't feel bad - you are a super stable compared to me. When I come to Hanoi, I should probably wear body protective gear!!!
    lots of love and take care

  2. Sorry for the incident. It appears to me that any of you will get to see next year!! The day will come in which Hanoi will have a nice subway and the levels of mortality will fall.

  3. Il est plein d'humour ce Miguel ..... effectivement, vivement le métro !!!!
    ma pauvre chérie, si ça continue je vais t'appeler Madame MALCHANCE ....
    sérieusement, s'il te plait, fais encore plus attention ....