Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bobby Chinn's Restaurant

Last week saw the departure of our friend Sal, an Aussie who has been working as a tour leader for Contiki. She spent most of the past 9 months on the road, taking tours through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. As appealing as the job sounds it must be pretty draining and living out of a suitcase must get tiring after a while. After a month or so on the road Sal would finish her tours in Hanoi and we would have a chance to catch up.

For Sal's last night in Hanoi we went to Bobby Chinn's restaurant, an upmarket place above West Lake. It is a renowned restaurant and the owner is an interesting character; you only have to look at the introductions on his menu. It is expensive for Hanoi, but it was an really enjoyable experience. It was an intimate and romantic setting with rose petals on the table; a bit unusual for three people.

The menu looked delicious and to mark the occasion we went for the set menu which included I think 6 dishes. There was a Vietnamese and a Western set menu. We all opted for the Western menu, not because the Vietnamese one didn't look as good but because we craved, and missed some of the dishes on the Western menu.

I will spare you the fancy names on the menu. We had a a thick tasty pumpkin soup, as well as a delicious and tangy seafood soup. The egg plant salad was amazing and perhaps the highlight was the fried foie gras that melted in your mouth. The main was Atlantic salmon and for dessert a soft shelled chocolate taco as well as Crème brûlée. We washed all this down with one of the best wines I have ever had. It was an Argentinian wine but I can't remember what sort. Sal, can you shed some light?

All in all it was a great evening, rose petals or not, and the food was wonderful. You go to this restaurant for a food experience where quality prevails. If you are looking for a hearty meal then you should probably go elsewhere. The servings a small and you don't leave full; but very satisfied. The set menu was $50 US.

Sal, wishing you all the best for your next adventure.

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